Lol Stalker

Follow all your League of Legends friends' ranking directly on your smartphone !

Lol Stalker

Lol Stalker Lol Stalker

-add up to 50 friends per region and check their league points in one unique simple list

-add famous challenger pro players and stalk their builds to make visible progress !!!

-scout your opponents and allies in your current game to see who will carry and who will feed !!!

-Multi-region support, so that you can even track korean pro players !

-check their history and display their last 30 solo Q games

-click on a game and see the build used during that specific game

-builds are fully detailed : spells order, items order, masteries and runes page used during the game

-includes usefull players statistics like KDA or win rate per champion in ranked games

-collect stars and compare your skill with each champion

-they can't fool you, even if they rename !

-share a screenshot of your performance with ease and brag

-always up to date to the latest League of legends content even before it hits live !

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Don't let your friends get ahead and download this app to stay on the top of the ladder !

Lol Stalker Lol Stalker

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